Sunday, October 9, 2011

I love presents

OK so it isn't really a present, I had to order it and pay for it so I guess it doesn't count as a present, but is really felt like it was to go to the post office and get the box, then come home and open it. I felt like a kid at Christmas. Well I always do when I order one of these boxes. My favourite shop at the moment is Aussie Soap Supplies, and after our big sell up at Henty and then the Cudgewa Spring Fair, I needed to do a restock of soap, which means that before I can make the soap I had run out of I had to restock the essential oils that I had run out of. Well nearly run out of, any excuse will do.

The excitement is really building, I know exactly what is under this paper, but I still get excited.

Coconut oil. This is what gives soap a really creamy lather. It also tastes great, and as this is a food grade oil, we do eat a bit of it. It is really yummy in smoothies.

2 more bee moulds. the bee shaped soap is really popular, but as I have only ever had one mould thanks to a Christmas present from my beautiful sister, I can only get 6 bars out of each batch, so now I can get 18. Or more if I do guest size soaps.

The essential oils, and a couple of fragrant oils. So we will soon have vanilla and fresh snow back in stock. The lovely people at Aussie Soap Supplies sent me a free sampler of Cranberry Pomegranate, it smells so yummy, I think we will have a new favourite. The green stuff is Olive leaf powder that will be used for green colouring, great for making camo coloured soap with bamboo charcoal.

 Also in this order was Potassium Hydroxide, or for all the chemistry buffs out there KOH. As it is dangerous stuff they are not allowed to post it, but thankfully my wonderful mother was holidaying in the same city so she was able to pick it up for me. Unfortunately I won't see her till about Christmas time. As KOH is the lye agent to make liquid soap all the people who have been after liquid soap will have to wait til some time next year. Hopefully it wont be too hard for me to learn, and the people who get chosen to test it come back with positive feed back, then we should have liquid soap for sale not too late in the new year.

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