Saturday, December 11, 2010

Twilight Christmas Market

This afternoon we went to the first Cudgewa twilight christmas market, it started at 4:00 in the Cudgewa Hall. During a quiet period Ayala and Sarah went around with the camera.

Of course I had to show you the soaps first.

This is the gingerbread house that we made. Kath made the gingerbread, and the Sarah and I decorated it while Ayala and Kath went to Albury shopping. We didn't make it to sell but just as decoration. And it worked, it was only basic as you can see but it was different and eye catching so people came to look. As we were packing up we broke it up and shared it around.

This is the girls food stall.
All but 2 cupcakes sold and all the coconut ice
 and fudge went.
 For all the new food fads the
 good old coconut ice is still a firm favourite.

Carol Hawk makes all this beautiful jewellery,
it was great for a few christmas pressies.
 She also takes beautiful wildlife and landscape photos.
We didn't get any good photos of that.

A selection from the new Cudgewa Store.

Our wonderful Snowy Mountains Olive Oil, which I buy lots of to make my soap.

And the man behind the oil Alan Evans.

Jennifer Fennell with her amazing photograph cards

Yummy Mt Mittamatite Bites. Chocolates and cakes.

Our favourite school bus driver "postie" and his lovely wife Trish and their timber creations. More chirstmas shoping.

Some newcomers to the area. I didn't get their name but they were selling biodynamic eggs and chooks. In the box under their table that nobody got a photo of they had turkey chicks. Very cute.

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