Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Long Overdue Photos

I gave myself a fright today. I realized that it is only 3 days till the next farmers market, and that I had not put any photos up of the latest soaps that I had made, so seeing as the boys are busy fixing my car and don't want tea yet I will make the most of the few spare minutes. So I grabbed Kaths camera and a few bars of soap and went out to our rusty old stove that is now a garden ornament.

Morrocan Spice. This is a remake, I wasn't totally happy with about half of the bars in the last batch, so the best thing to do with them is grate them up, make another batch and add the gratings. This is scented with orange and cinnamon, and has almond meal and yoghurt.

Vanilla, same again, I wasn't really happy with the previous batch of vanilla as I had used an essential oil, or in the case of vanilla it is an oleoresin, it really smelt like nothing, so I cubed it and made a batch of vanilla with a fragrant oil and added the cubes for interest.

This one is new, and it is very limited. Cranberry and Pomegranite. If you read my last post about my Aussie Soap Supplies order you will know that they gave me this as a free gift for spending so much money. As it was only a small bottle, I could only make a small batch, but it smells so yummy, just like cranberry juice. I am thinking that it will be a popular one, but I am often wrong in thinking what will be popular or not.

Rose Castile, this one was a really popular, so I had to make it again. Pure olive oil, rose geranium essential oil, and rose clay.

Summer Garden, another really popular one. Scented with rose geranium, lavender and lime essential oils. How do you like the orange colour, that was done with a paprika infused olive oil. I was so excited to see how bright the colour came out.

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  1. Love the fall colors that you've got going on in these photos =)