Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trying out for the Brambleberry S.O.A.P Team

I have been watching the Brambleberry S.O.A.P team get chosen and followed them doing their testing for a couple of years, recently I started thinking that I would love to try and get on the team. Well they have just put out the feelers for the latest team, so here I am, trying to get picked for it. Not sure if they are into allowing international members, or more to the point are international members viable for such a team, but my theory is it doesn't hurt to try.

Although I use mostly essential oils in my soap, there are some fragrant oils that I just can't go past.
Fresh Snow has become a favourite of some of my customers, it has a fresh clean fragrance that has an "after scent" of baby powder, this one took a while for me to like.

Cranberry and Pomegranate however was instantly one I loved, but I love cranberries and pomegrantes any way, but  my customers generally don't like it, it is a very sweet smell, just like cranberry juice.

Rich Dark Chocolate is another standard in my oil stash, I always mix it with peppermint essential oil and cocoa to make choc peppermint, sorry I cant find any photos of that soap. Last time I sorted my oil stash, I thought I would make a jaffa soap with the chocolate fragrant oil and orange essential oil.

But my all time favoutite Brambleberry Fragrant oil would have to be Turkish Mocha, it smells just like a hot cup of spiced mocha, the soap is also a favourite of my customers, whether it be:

In a cupcake....

Or a Latte.....

Or another cupcake

Or just a plain cake of soap.

So to Anne-Marie and the rest of the Brambleberry team, thank you for a great site and all the teaching you give, and also for the great service, I am forever grateful for the extra work and personal service recently when I was having some difficulties with an order. Whether or not I am considered for the S.O.A.P team I have had fun doing this blog post.

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  1. Thank you so much for your entry into the S.O.A.P Panel at Bramble Berry! Unfortunately, we were unable to ship these fragrances overseas =( We were super bummed because we LOVE your soaps & your blog!