Friday, June 22, 2012

"Jemba Rock" Avocado and Lime

At a few recent markets I have been getting to know Ivan and Robyn Hobbs of Jemba Rock B&B at Walwa. They have an olive grove, and avocado and lime trees. I love avocados and limes, so I always buy some. Robyn is always very generous and one day gave me a bag of kafir lime leaves and suggested that I put them in some soap. They smelt so delicious. Any way I put them in the freezer and forgot about them, until the last market. When she asked me if I had made any soap out of them yet. After seeing a few avocado soaps being made during the soap challenge I was inspired to put avocado into a soap too. So I did. I put the leaves and zest of 4 limes into the blender with my water and blended it till the leaves were blended up, this was the base of my lye solution. I then blended up the avocado with olive oil and used that as part of my total oils. I didn't add any fragrance for two reasons, one was that I wanted to see if any of the strong leaf and zest scent would come through, I had my doubts but it is only a small batch so I was willing to risk it. The second and probably the most persuasive reason was that I had no lime EO left, and I really didn't want to add another dimension to it by using a different EO.

The photos aren't the best, the day is overcast and so the colour hasn't photographed well.

The ice cubes ended up a bit lighter, although the photos aren't doing it justice. I think because they didn't gel.

This week I received a fragrant oil order, from big tree supplies. I hadn't ordered from them before, but will definitely be ordering there again, they have a huge range of FO's different from Aussie Soap Supplies which I still love. 

Normally I use essential oils, but there are a few FO's that I like, I have been out of chocolate for a while, so now I can restock choc peppermint, Vanilla is always a popular scent, and I wanted to try Amber, but I have been wanting to try Monkey Farts for ages, so that will be the soap I will be making today. It smells so yummy, I cant wait. Although I am not sure if I want to advertise it as Monkey Farts, maybe a name change is in order.


  1. I love that you took a risk with the lime leaves and avacado, Louisa! It turned out to be a beautiful soap. I always have better luck with the loaves than the ice cube soaps I make for embeds. They don't gel, but they also don't dry nearly as quickly and sit around in the molds for days so that they can be removed cleanly and I don't lose detail. Maybe my recipe, I dunno. Never cared for the name Monkey Farts, but LOVE the scent !!!! Can't wait to see what you make using it. xx Suzy

  2. Love the creativity in taking on something brand new, they look great!