Saturday, June 30, 2012

Monkey Farts and Chocolate Peppermint

Last weekend I some how managed to get in two batches of soap. I am still not sure how I did it, but I am not asking too many questions because it did actually happen. First up I had to do choc peppermint, because it is the favourite of so many and I have been out of it for ages. It uses locally grown and distilled peppermint oil, as well as the usual local olive oil. I really love using locally grown produce, it makes the whole job so much nicer. Coloured simply with cocoa, and a bit of dark chocolate. I have been wanting to put chocolate into soap for ages to see how it would go, so far so good.

Next up is the Monkey Farts, I incorporated banana and mango and yoghurt. I put Titanium Dioxide in to whiten it, but didn't have much left so I only lightened it a bit, then coloured it with red, yellow and blue ultra marines. I love the smell and can't wait to see how it is to use.

These soaps used up the last of my olive oil, so my great run of soap making has been temporarily halted.

The next farmers market is on the 14 July. I'll have a few new soaps. And I am hoping that the sun will be shining.

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  1. You've been busy!! Both soaps are beautiful. I really love the cocoa and the idea that you're using local olive oil and other local products in your soap. I'd like to branch out in that direction as well - we have so many local providers here in Minneapolis and it seems only right to support local vendors in soap making as we do when we eat out or buy groceries. I hope your markets are productive and you have a blast !! ~Suzy