Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lemon Myrtle and being busy!

Hey everyone! This is Katherine here, Mum was a bit busy so I am filling in for her.
So we are going to be rushed this weekend!
The Myrtleford Festival is on this Saturday and the Upper Murray Farmer's Market is on Monday, we plan to have a stall at both although whether we will all make it to both will depend on what is happening at home and with the shed building and all.
We have a new soap up (well to be perfectly honest, that is LOTS of new soaps) but for this post I will just cover the one. Readers meet the Lemon Myrtle soap.
Lemon Myrtle, please meet our readers :).
I wont do a huge write up like Mum (mostly cos Mum hasn't given me one to give you!). So this is it. Bye!

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